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The opera Garnier of Paris was born in 1875 ... For the first time in its history it will welcome within its walls a musical instrument born like him in the XIXth century, represented by a harmonicist that we know well: the very talented harmonicist Antoine Le Roux.

This is going to happen from March 7 to April 1, 12 performances during which he will perform "La Valse des Fleurs" of Tchaikovsky's ballet "Nutcracker".

A great first in France in this Palais Garnier classified as a historical monument, as the Carnegie Hall of New York, classified it National Historic Landmark in which Larry Adler and Buddy Green obtained a triumph success and 'Let's not forget Claude Garden in Boston with the' Boston Pop Orchestra '...

So many prestigious places, which contribute to better publicize our instrument to the general public.

Inside Harmoliège!

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The next concert finally ends with a beautiful symbol, since Antoine Le Roux, talented chromatic harmonicist of the new generation, accompanied by Paul Deba, superb pianist (predominantly jazz but not that ...) and arranger will deliver a magnificent concert, More beautiful of the festival, mixing standards of jazz, classical music, music of film, rearranged and sometimes surprising (in good). All shared with humor and joie de vivre on stage that is fun to see. The audience was not mistaken by making them a standing ovation enthusiastic!


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Antoine Le Roux is a harmonicist who collects prizes including that of vice-world champion 2005 , Nami Miyata, coming from Tokyo to settle in Paris, is a wonderful accompanist on the piano and a brilliant harmonicist who played in numerous of prestigious festivals such as Trossingen, Tokyo, Paris or Düsseldorf. Their album, entirely realized by Antoine Le Roux, presents nine pieces of classical harmonica accompanied by piano and signed by Ravel, Chopin, Saint-Saëns Gounod, Raisner, williams et for the ninth Nami Miyata. It is an enchanting disc whose interpreters show a rare musicality, a virtuosity never noisy but which confers their play a great precision. One is caught in their twirling notes, one seems to float on their dreamy atmospheres. If the harmonica sometimes has a narrow image, that of harmonica blues or country folk, the neophyte will discover on this "Duo Romance" a swinging instrument like a flute or a clarinet. This is a high-flying record for classical harmonica lovers, but not only, all the pieces presented are far from "learned" music for  advanced amateurs, they are just good and beautiful music, masterfully interpreted.