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- Notes Claires dans les graves (ATIC2) -

Playing the notes in the bass on a chromatic harmonica is not necessarily easy.
Indeed, the position of the mouth, the tongue in the mouth, but also the opening of the throat is important to succeed in releasing a clear sound and at the desired frequency.
It is not uncommon for beginners to produce a rather curious sound like this:

In fact the "right" position is comparable to the one we have in spite of when we yawn.
If you do not want to yawn, then come back a little later ...
Otherwise if by chance you yawn, try to:
- Keep this position inside your mouth
- Exhale the air through the throat instead of inspiring it but do not inflate the cheeks (everything must come from the throat).
- Position the lips correctly on the instrument so that it only blows into one hole at a time
The sound should improve as follows:
Another example with vibrato:
In the same way you can practice to attack (poke) the notes as follows:
In this case, avoid this type of tone if possible:
In general, the rule, if any, would be the following:
- When playing in the bass the air flow to exhale must remain large enough but the pressure less at the level of the lips so that it does not interfere with the vibration of the blade. This explains why it is necessary to compensate by opening the groove
in order to obtain a sufficient flow.
- When playing in the treble, it is the opposite: the pressure must be greater on the lips (while maintaining a high air flow).