Antoine Le Roux

                     When he was 7, Antoine began studying the Chromatic Harmonica. His mentors, Michel Perraud and Pierre Couteau, taught him a rigorous practice of that instrument. Already gifted with a real musical sensibility and an exceptional ear, he quickly improved. To such a point that he became a 5-time laureate of the National Harmonica Contest. In 2003, he participated in the International Festival "Rosa Vetrov" in Moscow, where he won the First Prize. Keeping personalizing his expertise and the exceptional quality of his sonorities, he took part, in 2005, in the International Harmonica Festival of Trossingen (Germany), where he was awarded the Title of World Vice Champion.

... Antoine plays today in several bands:


Duo Romance

Classical Music / Romantic Music and Virtuosity

with Nami Miyata :

After completing brilliant musical studies in Tokyo, Nami Miyata came to France, where she lives now. Nami Miyata, an accomplished pianist and harmonica virtuoso, is a performer and an accompanist of a rare delicacy. She is currently invited to many Harmonica Festivals where she accompanies on the piano the greatest Harmonica players. For instance, she used to be the favourite accompanist of the late CLAUDE GARDEN. In 2003, she created the Harmonica Trio ”Comment allez-vous ?”, which is very popular in Japan. In 2006, during a famous major Show Tour in Poland, she revealed the Tremolo Harmonica.

Rif Quartet

Jazz / Rock - Blues

Rif Quartet

This jazz band is the result of a meeting between four musicians from very different backgrounds which makes their wealth. Rif (which means short musical phrase played in a loop) is the basis of their music. All of them was simply music lovers at the start and are now professionals for three of them. They met in "jazz inAout" festival in August in La Rochelle between 2005 and 2009. Able to play in several conditions, they can play in small places such as large rooms. The instrument range they offer gives to the group a rich and deep sound. Based on improvisation, their musical register permit to receive guest musicians. Their goal : uncork your ears ... for the rest they are not entitled.

Harmonica Jazz Combo

Jazz Standards, Jazzy Varieties and Music Genre

with Paul Deba

Former professor of harmony at the Faculty of Poitiers, Paul is a renowned jazz musician. Pianist for the BBC, he played in England alongside Johnny Dankworth, Buck Clayton, Bill Coleman and Samy Frey and more recently in France with the saxophonist and flutist Carl Schlosser. In 2004, he founded the Trio Paul Deba, high-level training whose first album was critically acclaimed at the national level and at European level. Paul was also an excellent professional harmonica player (soloist of the trio "The Vagabonds of the Harmonica")!

Ambiance Harmonica

World Music and Varieties

with Christian Zago

Professor of guitar in Bordeaux, Christian has devoted over 15 years to the scene. Having been the guitarist of the JAZZANAR SEXTET BAND (New Orleans), of the ZAG GROUP (jazz fusion), and of the orchestra SYMPHONIA Christian also showed his mastery of the instrument through the demanding practice of the South American guitar in the duo he founded in 1996 with PATRICK NAVARRO. Professional musician and eclectic, Christian also happens to be the guitarist of Zago STOMPERS (New Orleans Jazz), TRIO CAPRICCIO (Italian traditional music), and HAVANA QUARTET (Cuban music).

The orchestra "Harmonica 17"

Harmonica 17

Harmonica 17 is a harmonica ASSOCIATION created in ECHILLAIS (France) in 1988 by Michel PERRAUD, an experienced harmonica player and passionate ( soloist trio Domino, Champion of France in the 60s ). Harmonica 17 is also a ORCHESTRA, born in 1993 of the meeting of Michel PERRAUD and Pierre COUTEAU former solist of the trio "The 3 of the Harmonica" Lyon Group . He became the Musical Director of Training " Harmonica 17 ." Under his leadership the group is enhanced by accompanying instruments (Polyphonia and Bass Harmonica), and progresses through the many musical pieces selected , adapted and arranged by his chef. Therefore, the small group that was already happening from time to time in public is expanding rapidly becoming one of the first , if not the first french harmonica orchestra.

with "The SIMKATS" !

The Simkats band is existing since early January 2008.
The training was initially formed by three friends who played together for 8 years (Rock n 'Roll, Blues, ...). The group is now composed of "Greg" (drums), "Nico" (guitar Bigsby), "Jej" (bass) and Antoine (harmonica).
The history of the group is actually based on a ... a kind of bet ... :
Nico: "if you put yourself on the bass I start a new group !" "Jej" : "Note that I am able ! And besides , I can find it pleasant"...
A month later a rental "grandmother" trailed in the rehearsal studio... Another month later, a new bass strutted in the same room. The group was born!
repertoire: Rockab / Blues / RockNRoll / other styles... First concerts at the music festival in Coulon and in Niort the next day... Conclusion ==> "It rocks !"